Eureka! Inventing Delivers Transformational and Tangible Results. Strategic Planning. Growth. Innovation. Marketing. Branding. We “Own It” With You Until We Get Results.

We will deliver tangible results NOW and transformational results and increased capability in your organization for the FUTURE:

·     We can develop a sustainable organizational capability to develop strategy and growth plans, innovate, and marketing and branding initiatives, with increased speed and decreased risk. 

·     We will teach and coach your team how to bring “meaningfully unique” ideas to market that otherwise would not be currently pursued due to lack of skills, uncertainty, risk and/or other barriers. 

·     While we will teach your team approaches to create fresh ideas, the priority will be to accelerate learning, problem-solving, and ability to pivot ideas through testing and execution,  so bigger and bolder initiatives can become a reality. 

We help companies accelerate profitable growth... by challenging their thinking to be bigger and bolder….truly transformational… an extraordinary 88% of our clients continue with our approach long-term. .

Its called Innovation Engineering and we bring it to clients through consulting and teaching in Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, Win Big - Open Innovation R&D.

Since 1986 we have successfully delivered tangible results for over 700 clients in virtually every type of challenge and industry. This includes extensive experience in health care, consumer goods, not-for-profits, financial services, service industries, etc. You can tap into the tremendous expertise and knowledge with Eureka! Inventing.

Do you believe that is critical to offer meaningfully unique products and services? If so then you need to consider Innovation Engineering...start by watching the video to the right...

30 Minutes to Learn

We're here and ready to talk with you -- over the phone with a deck on-line we can share the benefits of Innovation Engineering and how it works. You will be not be making a commitment to work with us but you will learn a lot about innovation. We have learned a lot in 30+ years and Innovation Engineering leverages all that experience. Just 30 minutes and we can show you the power of Innovation Engineering.