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Let’s Get Started On Meaningfully Unique Ideas


Do you ever wonder how other companies are able to produce and create successful products constantly? There’s a secret to their success. It begins with concept development and an endless flood of ideas that you can develop into a meaningful product or service that your customers cannot get enough of. During this concept development, you’ll learn a tremendous amount about who your customer is, their problems, and how you’re the solution they cannot live without. Sounds impossible?
But it’s not!

We’ve been helping companies for over 35 years not only accelerate profitable growth but to uncover how they can generate concepts that continue to grow. This will prove to keep your company relevant and continue creating products and services that bring your company to the level that you desire. Creativity and a proven system allow for increased profits again and again. Listen, it’s not your fault, most companies just do not know how to innovate. It’s not that your team isn’t creative enough, or smart enough. It’s simply because they have never been taught.

So why is it that there are some companies that have these game-changing innovation ideas when you’re company is struggling to keep up. It’s simple! Because some leaders know how to build the right environment that ignites creativity. Their employees ask the right questions, they find the right solutions and they uncover a system that helps to keep this in motion constantly.

While it does begin with your customer, this isn’t the most important. All companies know that when you follow your customer and have a complete understanding of everything about who they are, amazing things begin to happen. You’re able to see the problems they struggle with and you begin finding the solutions through products and services that you create. This helps with effective marketing and product creation, but there’s more to it than just understanding your customer.

This is of course the first step to any successful marketing campaign or product development. It’s just not enough to take your company to the next level and if your team isn’t creating unique ideas it’s time that you do something about it. You have to help them dig deeper and create an environment for them to do this. Because when you build a team that works together and knows how to ask the right questions, they will start creating industry changing products again and again. This is possible for your company. What you decide right now can forever change your company. We can teach your company how to innovate so that you can grow your company and constantly stay ahead of the competition by providing you with the right environment, knowledge, tools, and a proven system.

Innovation Engineering Will Give You The Success You’re Looking To Achieve


Have you ever wondered how companies continue to come up with unique ideas and services again and again? The goal is to spark the imagination to create these products and services that will be sustainable and profitable through a proven system. If this is something you want to achieve then you’ll need to take a closer look into Innovation Engineering. There’s no doubt that your company will be transformed. Most often your idea didn’t fail because your team didn’t work hard enough, long enough, or wasn’t smart enough. It’s because you didn’t have the right system in place. Running your ideas through a proven system will increase the chances of its success and reducing the risks that are associated with new products.

Innovation Engineering is a proven system that has been helping thousands of companies not only take their ideas to reality of a successful product or service, but it will provide them with what seems to be an endless flood of meaningful ideas that help to grow their business with the right tools, mindset, understanding, environment, and team. There are two types of innovation – core innovations and leap innovations. This is the system that will help to create products and services that will be profitable because you’ll learn how to create solutions for your customer’s problems through a series of steps. Developing a team of employees that helps you to dig deeper into the diversity of the problems your customers face, and how to strengthen the need for it reduce your risk of failing.

Taking risks is part of any business. Not every risk is worth taking. You don’t have to be told that reducing risk is essential with any significant investment. And with Innovation Engineering , you are reducing your risk with a system that provides you with both human and digital systems that offer you the best-educated, data-driven decisions and tools for ultimate success. You’ll be asking the right questions to the right people and running your ideas through a database of already successful ideas. Do you see the power in that alone? If you’re ready to stop working harder and generate concepts that will start producing product and services that your customers cannot live without, then Innovation Engineering solutions are the missing element for your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the process:

Creative Concept Is Only The Beginning


This all begins with coming up with that big idea. Getting those creative juices flowing may seem impossible, but the difference that makes a difference is that we first educate your team on a breakthrough system to innovate. A system that Stanford University researchers recently said was a “one of the few breakthrough innovation systems that exist today”. The training and system will help generate ideas based on diversity, stimulus, understanding, and knowledge by looking at things in a completely different way.

One of the biggest mistakes companies are making is not learning quickly enough and not facing challenges head-on. If your organization is like many others, you’re learning at a slow pace because the focus is on getting things done versus getting smarter. This is why it’s essential that after every experiment and data point that the team collaboratively comes together as a team to discuss what you just learned. Some of the best methods of learning are through research and innovation, and at Eureka! Inventing, we’ll help you through concept development with methods, systems, and change that will help you to grow faster.

Building a successful team that has a constant flood of great ideas begins with good leadership and if you’re ready to finally get ahead of the competition you’ll want to learn how to build a team that can create, ask questions, and sees things in a new way. Most companies struggle with building a collaborative and product team to drive innovation results, but we’ll show you exactly what you need to do to achieve this.

The Concept of Development Takes You Through The Process


Once you have your big idea, you need to turn it into reality. This is where an Innovative Engineering system is essential and how Eureka! Inventing will walk you through the process of taking your idea from concept and putting it through various stages to get it into prototyping and testing. Your creative concept is going to look a bit different throughout the concept of development stage. This is because your team will be brainstorming, uncovering better solutions, and putting these solutions through a proven digital database that will help to create a product your customer cannot be without.

Is your company asking the right questions once you’ve come up with the idea? – Is it following the trends and are you taking advantage of them? Are you playing it safe with your idea? Are you comfortable with moving forward? Does this idea fit your mission and strategy? Is your team passionate about the idea? If it isn’t, there’s a good chance that the idea will never succeed in the market if you’re not putting it through a team that is energized and motivated by the idea. This is how Eureka Inventing will help. We know the questions to ask, we know how to take you out of your comfort zone and build on the ideas you already have to make them successful. And what you discover is there’s fun and excitement within this entire process, which only allows for more creativity.

Eureka! Companies That You’ll Recognize


Our company has been helping other companies just like yours for over 35 years develop innovative solutions that have helped them develop meaningful, unique products that become profitable products and services. Importantly, we have a passion for smaller and mid-size companies as well as large multinationals, and all of our systems and tools have been proven to be just as effective with them as well. The process is simple and can be repeated again and again once you’ve developed the skills and understand the process.

We can provide you with these proven strategies through training and coaching coupled with the right tools that nearly guarantee your success. Our methods have helped companies throughout the country, such as American Express, General Mills, Procter & Gamble, Nestle, Pepsi, Chase, and many others, generate creativity that has aided in growing their product line faster and increased their profits dramatically. It’s a proven system that will help your company transform into the vision you’ve had since you first started – growing a team of creative and relevant employees who enjoy working for you and come up with game-changing ideas that increase your revenue again and again.

How Can You Start Concepting Ideas?


Let’s get started with the process of concepting ideas so that you can find a meaningful product or service so that you can stop working harder and start working smarter. This will be achieved through our program that will help develop employees and future leaders. They will learn and master the 48 skills of Innovation Engineering and their application that will lead to your business’s growth. The ability to face the challenges and changes to create a flood of never-ending innovation by providing them with the fundamentals that are needed in every company. You’ll learn how to give your customer a voice through surveys and conversations so that you can find the problems and create innovative ideas to solve them.

You’ll uncover techniques that will help you take what’s happening in the industry and beyond to find the right solutions from other sectors to use it within your industry effectively. You’ll discover how to create an environment that will ensure constant creativity based on relevant industry changes. These are skills that anyone can learn, and they are essential to growing your company and becoming a leader in your industry.

What Is Concept vs. Idea?


When you look at concepting ideas, you’ll need to understand what the difference is between concept vs idea. Understanding this makes all the difference in results. Ideas are fleeting and incomplete by nature. Ideas are not necessarily taken seriously inside an organization and there is often little commitment to them. Concepts are more complete representations of a product and/or service idea. They gain respect and attention as you have taken the time to define the key elements for success including the Problem you are solving, Promise you are making, and the Proof you can deliver this promise. It is built on a deeper understanding.

Innovative Engineering Is The Missing Link In Your Company’s Success


Without this proven system, your company will likely continue to create ideas and concepts that will sit on the shelf or cost you money in wasted development and marketing investment. It’s no secret that coming up with ideas is difficult in itself, but taking those ideas and transforming them into profit is time-consuming, costly and risky.
You’ll quickly discover this is why Innovation Engineering was developed. While it may have begun as a movement back in 2010, it was actually developed over 40 years ago by Dr. W Edwards Deming. He was the American Statistician credited with helping rebuild Japan after World War II and teaching the world “systems thinking and constant improvement”.

Eureka began applying this system to national companies, and the results were amazing. The innovation speed was increased, and the risks were decreasing. This is what every company hopes for. There are always risks with anything in business, but when you are able to reduce these risks based on measurement, statistical analysis, and development of reproducible systems of innovation, it risks worth taking.

We help you get out of your comfort zone and take chances with the ideas properly researched through this proven system. You don’t want to re-invent the wheel, but you can certainly perfect it through creative thinking, the right questions, and a proven system. Eureka has perfected a system over the past 35 years of helping Fortune 500 companies increase their profits again and again. Are you ready to take your company to the next level? We’ll help you transform your company into your vision.

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Its called Innovation Engineering and we bring it to clients through consulting and teaching in Fail Fast, Fail Cheap, Win Big - Open Innovation R&D.

Since January 1, 2008 Innovation Engineering clients have quantified over $2.5 Billion in innovation pipeline business opportunities.

Since January 1, 2008 Innovation Engineering clients have quantified over $2.5 Billion in innovation pipeline business opportunities.

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Let's Get Started On Meaningfully Unique Ideas