Enabling Innovation
by Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday

Eureka! Inventing with its very experienced and successful Innovation Engineering consultants and Black Belts can bring this system and these results to your organization. The senior group has senior leaderships experience at companies such as Procter & Gamble, Samsung, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, American Express, etc. as well as numerous VC startups. The average tenure of our consultants with Eureka! is 16 years.

Eureka! Inventing has been the flagship inventing service of the Eureka!Ranch for almost 30 years. In 2014 it was spun off as an affiliated company of the Eureka Ranch to focus more deeply on helping larger companies unlock the challenge of LEAP or breakthrough innovation. With offices in New York and Houston Eureka! Inventing will respond quickly to your needs!

Innovation Engineering takes you the entire way – from strategy, to business need to idea to developing it into a bigger idea, engaging the organization and making it happen with increased speed and decreased risk.

The aim of Innovation Engineering is to to ENABLE INNOVATION BY EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY. We enable everyone because research finds when innovation is enabled across an organization the result is 400% greater bottom line impact. That’s 4X not 4% or 40%!