Enabling Innovation
by Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday

Eureka! Inventing with its very experienced and successful Innovation Engineering Black Belts can bring this system and these results to your organization. Eureka! Inventing has been the flagship inventing service of the Eureka!Ranch for almost 30 years. In 2014 it was spun off as an affiliated company of the Eureka Ranch to focus more deeply on helping larger companies unlock the challenge of LEAP or breakthrough innovation. With offices in New York, Cincinnati, Denver and Houston Eureka! Inventing will respond quickly to your needs!

INNOVATION ENGINEERING is a system offered by Eureka! Inventing which is a tool set, and a mindset that ENABLES Innovation by Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday Resulting in Increased Speed to Market and Decreased Risk. Innovation Engineering systems are designed to ENABLE a culture where everyone works together on innovation. Innovation Engineering enables leaders to thrive in the new reality of faster product life cycles, increased competition, rapidly changing technology, and digital savvy customers.

The application of system thinking to innovation is part of this movement known as Innovation Engineering.  It’s a new field of study, formally taken to industry in 2009.   The principles behind it are grounded in 33 years of quantitative research, concept development and application of systems thinking to innovation for the world’s most innovative companies by Doug Hall, the CEO and Founder of the Eureka!Ranch.   Innovation Engineering databases include: test results on 20,000+ innovations, measurement of 15,000+ innovation teams and week-by-week project data on over $8 billion worth of real world innovations, as they travel from idea to market.  And that’s just the start.  Every quarter the Innovation Engineering Institute R&D team studies the latest data from around the world – fields experiments  – and reports the learnings to the Innovation Engineering Black Belts on academic campuses and in industry who are the heart and soul of the movement.  Innovation Engineering is grounded in applying the system thinking of Dr. W. Edwards Deming to innovation.  The Innovation Engineering curriculum for Universities is developed through a partnership with the University of Maine.  The Eureka!Ranch team includes statisticians, patent lawyer, human system experts and leading edge programming experts who together develop and deliver intelligent tools and work systems that enable and empower people to take ideas to market faster and with less risk.

Our Leadership Team

Bruce Hall

President and CMO

Doug Brownstone

Senior Vice President

Dave Crawley

Vice President

Rick Rothwell

Vice President