Measurable, Proven Results
with Eureka! InventingServices

Innovation Engineering System

Transforming innovation from a random gamble to a reliable system for profitable growth. We Accomplish This By Creating A Culture Of Never Ending Innovation That Delivers Increased Innovation Speed (Up To 6 Times) And Decreased Risk (30% – 80%).

Innovation Engineering® was developed by the Eureka! Ranch R&D team based on scientific analysis almost 30 years of client projects.  Statistical analysis included quantitative concept data on over 26,000 Innovations and innovation attitude and process data on over 11,000 innovation cultures.  Innovation Engineering is commercialized by the Innovation Engineering Institute a Joint Venture of the Eureka! Ranch and the University of Maine.

Inventing & Concept Development

The painless way to fill your pipeline with at least 3 protectable inventions. An Innovation Engineering Project Accelerator helps you accelerate the creation, communication and commercialization of ideas to address a Very Important Opportunity with new or current customers.  It is concept development, brainstorming, lean startup and ideation on steroids! Clients tell us Project Accelerators accomplish 9 months worth of work in just 3 months.

University Grade Innovation Education

Develop employees and future leaders in the mastery of the 48 skills of Innovation Engineering and their application. The growth of an Innovation Mindset within any organization is a challenge as it requires change.  An Innovation Engineering (IE) Black Belt works as a Change Agent within an organization to create a culture of never ending innovation.  Studies show IE Black Belts run 26 times more projects with 28 times more top line value than someone trained in just the fundamentals.